Eryn Shaffer • Currently in Los Angeles


Eryn Shaffer was born in England and grew up moving between Europe and the United States. Eventually Texas became home and she attended Baylor University to study Marketing and Social Work. In 2015, Eryn moved to New York City and completed the one-year certificate program in Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism at The International Center of Photography. Her most recent completed work, Light Blue and the Same Red, is a coming-of-age story of two young women in New York City. Eryn’s current projects, such as Solem, explore rural landscapes and their history, embracing the dark and untold stories of the past through a first person perspective. The artist’s work consistently embodies themes of intimacy, tactility, and metaphor.     (210) 882-8246      Instagram: @erynshaffer

Currently based in Los Angeles, California  




Photo by Tomo Morisawa